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About Spotzcity

We use our expertise in helping companies start supplier diversity programs, run programs more efficiently and provide assistance with vendor spend reporting.

SpotzCity is an African American women-owned technology company. We are passionate leaders for diversity. Our diverse leadership team’s background includes leadership roles in business development, finance, supplier diversity and technology.

Our Services

Services for those starting a Supplier Diversity Program

Pre-Program Development Education

Virtual, In-person, hybrid Supplier Diversity workshops that help educate and get the discussions started on why a program should be part of your company’s business strategy and culture.

Tulip10 Software

SpotzCity’s proprietary eProcurement Software designed for organizations to utilize our proprietary system to create goals, track attainment, train, manage, and understand their economic impact and compliance reporting.

Consulting Services

Using our agile solutions to make organizations more nimble in approaching today’s and tomorrow’s diversity issues.

Virtual Supplier Diversity

Need additional help for a long or short-term timeframe? A Virtual Supplier Diversity Practitioner (VSDP) can help a short-staffed supplier diversity program or can be an extension of your organization and run the program. Reach out to us and let us know how we can help.

Mentor/Protégé Platform

The SpotzCity Mentor Protégé Program is a community based entrepreneurial business program designed to facilitate economic impact by helping small & diverse businesses strengthen their business processes to become more competitive while growing their businesses

Tulip 10

Transformational, Utilization, Logistical, Information Platform

TULIP10 is SpotzCity’s proprietary platform designed to track, report and analyze diversity spend in a single user-friendly tool. A great tool to help any new Supplier Diversity Program.


  • Plan/Goal - Build goals that will be entered and tracked in the TULIP10 system. Easy drag and drop features that provides executive level reports of company diversity spend.

  • Analysis by supplier to determine local and community economic impact

  • Training - TULIP10 contains eLearning training & development videos and tools to assist the organization with supplier diversity enrichment

  • Centralized sourcing process for diverse suppliers for the entire organization

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